Two-Minute Product Spotlight: Autodesk OnSite View 2
Sometimes, you just have to hand it to Microsoft. Microsoft Windows CE was able to bring real functionality to handheld devices for those who need more than an address book and calendar. Yes, there have been others but Microsoft has really done a good job on this one. And Autodesk appears to be taking advantage of its programming capabilities with OnSite View 2, which allows viewing and markup of DWG and DXF files on any Windows CE device.
DesignSpace 6
by Elise Moss
The software allows you to do fatigue, safety and vibration testing on your 3D model as a computer simulation. It doesn't beat real lab testing, but it does give you a really good idea of how your model will work.

Ultimate Interoperability: TTI
The lack of interoperability between CAD systems is one of the biggest challenges facing manufacturing industries. Without interoperability it is impossible for engineers to share files created in different CAD programs. Translation Technologies will soon launch the Acc-u-Trans Interoperability Engine that provides translation solutions for four of the major CAD systems: SDRC I-DEAS, Pro/Engineer, CATIA, and Unigraphics.

Three New Releases From Autodesk
Autodesk released three new products this week for collaboration with colleagues and clients, for improved workflow and for data integration with Autodesk OnSite and Point A. Autodesk Land Desktop, Autodesk Civil Design, and Autodesk Survey for GIS and land development professionals.
Free Trial Version: DWG I-Filter for Indexing Files
by Rob A.M. Oud
General Manager
CAD & Company Group B.V.
With this free version of DWG I-Filter you can extend your Microsoft Internet Information Server, Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server and all other Microsoft Index Server to look inside your drawings and index all valuable information. Install the DWG I-Filter component and point the Index Server to the locations were the drawings are stored.
XML Primer
By John Jurewicz

It's not an application or process, but a standard for describing structured Data. Applying XML is more about solutions than standards.
TechPrint by The Imaging Group by Denise Harrison
Try it free!
There are a lot of people who need to be able to print or fax your CAD files but who don't really need licensed copies of the CAD software eating up budgets and hard disk space. The Imaging Group has a solution with TechPrint, for
storage, manipulation and printing of lists of scanned images and CAD drawings.

AutoCAD 2002 -- What's New? by Denise Harrison
The third release since AutoCAD Release 14, AutoCAD 2002 should improve
overall productivity through features like Multiple Design Environment, simplified Array functionality, collaboration tools, standards management, associative dimensioning, plotting enhancements, more powerful 3D, and an estimated 24 percent better application performance.

Taking Software on a Test Drive By Denise Harrison
Try before you buy? That's the idea behind Runaware, a Website that lets you test software before you decide to purchase. You can evaluate everything from the most advanced CAD-software, the latest versions of Dreamweaver and Flash and even smaller software enabling you to print your own ID-cards.

The Scoop on SolidWorks 2001 by Cliff Beattie
Introduced as a pre-release to SolidWorks customers in February, then released in March, SolidWorks 2001 is the latest and greatest design software from the SolidWorks Corporation.
eReview 3.0 by by Denise Harrison
A few weeks ago, I got to test-drive eReview and I must say, I was impressed. It was easy to communicate, to view and manipulate documents and drawings. And it was flexible, an overused word but one which applies here.

SmartSketch LE Release 3.0 by Frank Gerlitz
Intergraph upgrades its favorite sketch software.

The Referentia Learning System for AutoCAD by David Anderson
The Referentia Learning System is a flexible, efficient, and a valuable resource for experienced drafters who need to review little used procedures and commands.

SketchUp by Tom Miller.
I know what your are thinking. "I need a 3D modeling program like I need another hole in my head." However, SketchUp is different, even a little fun.
DesignCAD 3000
DesignCAD 3000 is a 2D/3D CAD drafting application with an impressive set of tools and features. Using this drafting and modeling application, you can create and edit both simple 2D drawings and complex 3D models.
DesignCAD Express 3000
DesignCAD Express 3000 is an inexpensive yet powerful 2D drawing application that includes a suite of 2D drawing tools, has useful features such as object snapping and automatic dimensioning, and can import and export a variety of file formats.
Chief Architect
Initially targeting the design-build industry, Chief Architect release 7 has matured to the point where architects specializing in light commercial buildings may want to investigate its usefulness to their practices.
PC Draft
PC Draft provides the basic tools necessary to draw, edit and dimension simple objects. PC Draft's goal is simple: To give you the ability to quickly get up-to-speed in drafting your designs.
PocketCAD Pro
Would you l
ike to use AutoCAD on your hand-held? With the introduction of PocketCAD Pro, hand-held computer capabilities now include CAD.
Visualize 3D Workstation--the X-Class
We take a look at HP's Top-End system. Nearly 1.5GHz of CPU power is only the beginning.

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