Designers Shift to Solid Edge to Shorten Design Time and Reduce Errors
Tough deadlines met for production of tablet counter for healthcare company
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Working closely with clients in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, Romaco Bosspak manufactures machine and line integration equipment. This equipment includes packaging lines for bottle unscramblers; air purging machines; tablet counters; desiccant inserters; cappers; self adhesive labelling machines; label counters and other custom made equipment.

Romaco Bosspak signed an agreement with a British healthcare company to design the RTC 200 Tablet Counter – a dual lift tablet elevator. The contract involved duplicating and modifying an existing tablet elevator and integrating its assembly. [an error occurred while processing this directive]A number of delays followed the contract signing, the result of which saw the project start behind schedule, leaving only six weeks for design, manufacture and testing the Tablet Counter.

While it recognised it had some very tight time frames to meet, Romaco Bosspak was confident the six-week deadline could be met using Solid Edge.
Prior to sourcing Solid Edge, Romaco Bosspak was dissatisfied with its legacy CAD /CAM software which only allowed its designer and engineers to operate in a 2D environment – limiting the quality of the work provided to clients.

“The old digital design software was too clumsy and we needed software like Solid Edge which would enable us to design in a 3D environment,” said Glenn Lewis, Operations Manager, Romaco Bosspak.

The design and engineering team initially had a steep learning curve to understand and adapt to Solid Edge 3-D design capabilities. To speed up this process, all designers and engineers underwent training.

Immediately after Solid Edge was implemented, Romaco Bosspak recognised and recorded significant results across the company, most notably, the reduction in time from initial design to completion of projects. There were also fewer errors in the design process. So the company was confident of meeting the tight deadlines for the RTC 200 Tablet Counter project.

Romaco Bosspak’s RTC 200 Tablet Counter project team consisted of a design engineer, an electrical technician, and four sales and management representatives. This team was responsible for designing the Tablet Counter by duplicating and modifying existing designs and integrating them into the assembly.

Third party suppliers also played a critical role in developing the Tablet Counter. Having pre-issued long lead time components, all the manufactured and outsourced parts were ready for assembly two weeks prior to the deadline.
First stage of the project, which included concept development, resulted in more than 50 new parts and assemblies being designed, drafted and issued within 10 working days.

The next stage included assembly and programming for the RTC 200 Tablet Counter. It was at this point that testing identified a design fault, which caused the tablets to spill from the device’s transfer bucket during operation, necessitating the need for re-design and development.

The modifications to the design and manufacture of the component were completed in a week, with minimal delays to the project deadlines.

Romaco Bosspak won the Design Award - the most prestigious design award in Australia at AUSPACK. The award was for the RTC 200 Tablet Counter, in recognition of a bold and innovative approach to tablet counting for the pharmaceutical industry.

Today, Romaco Bosspak has more than seven people using Solid Edge at any one time. Looking forward, the company is planning on expanding its use of Solid Edge to include line integrations and machine manufacturing in its Sheet Metal processes.

Romaco Bosspak is an Australian division of the Romaco Group, a global supplier of production equipment for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and healthcare industries. It manufactures labelling machines and offers turnkey solutions for a wide range of filling applications. Romaco Bosspak is also a leading supplier of filling and packing technology for liquids and solid products such as tablets and capsules.

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