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HandGear API Available for VIZ 4
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(Jun. 03, 2002) -- Following its joining Autodesk’s Software Development Program late last year, DSI is now releasing an API plug-in (Application Program Interface) for Autodesk’s VIZ 4 software-application, for use with its newly-released HandGear technology.

DSI’s multi-point, HandGear touchpad uses a hand-gesture interface, which interprets hand and finger movements through pressure, position and speed of movement. This enables the user to perform multiple tasks on the computer in real-time, by allowing them to sidestep intermediate commands required in using just a mouse and keyboard. When working with complex programs such as those used in VIZ/SIM (visualization and simulation) and graphic design, it is an invaluable time-saver, simplifying the workflow. [an error occurred while processing this directive]

“One of the main challenges for architects and designers is being able to visualize their 3-D models continuously from multiple angles. Using a mouse and keyboard has its limitations, especially when it comes to reviewing and modifying the work,” said Robert Egery, DSI’s President and COO. “With HandGear, the user can effectively present a compelling visual environment of a new building, land-development project or a complex mechanical structure with just the swipe of a hand. Also, by being able to reduce the incidence of design-errors, you reduce valuable development-time.”

With HandGear’s capability to ‘grab’ and modify 3-D objects, allowing real-time interaction and manipulation, the users’ degree of creative freedom and productivity is enhanced, especially during the model-creation process. Three-axis navigation in 3-D, and the ability to edit, transform and modify in real time, also result in greater flexibility, especially when experimenting with textures and materials. Additionally, until now, setting up conditions such as depth, shadow and simulated daylight or artificial lighting has been difficult to generate and control using just a mouse.

“We wanted to make quite sure that HandGear would be easy to use,” said Tim Heaney, VP Marketing. “So the technology was designed to recognize hand and finger movements which are completely natural, or intuitive, to the user, whether they’re left- or right-handed. After a short learning-period, they’re literally able to concentrate on the work at hand, rather than on what the fingers are doing.”

Designed for seamless integration with Autodesk’s family of professional CAD software packages, HandGear interfaces with a standard USB port for most hardware platforms, without the need for an external power supply. Now compatible with Autodesk’s VIZ 4 application-software, HandGear provides unprecedented flexibility for modeling, reviewing, collaborating and presenting designs and panoramic images.

HandGear is the first of several models that apply Gesture Recognition Technology to a broad base of applications and is also currently available for use with Discreet’s 3ds max animation software. DSI is simultaneously expanding its technology to target computer gaming, banking and biometric applications. Over the past six years, DSI has developed proprietary technology, placing it in a leading position in the field of Gesture Recognition Technology.

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