New Features in Inventor R5.3

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Got my copy of Inventor R5.3 today...some of the new feaures:

The Chamfer feature has a new option, Preserve all features to check all features that intersect with the chamfer and calculate their intersections during the chamfer operation. This option allows features affected by a new feature not to be consumed. [an error occurred while processing this directive] There are improvements to existing sheet metal functions:

When saving a flat pattern to a DWG file, you can specify additional layer types for the different line types in the flat pattern.

The Punch tool now has a size preview function.

There is a Paperspace/Modelspace option when you save a file as DWG. When exporting DWG data, you can save the DWG data to Paperspace, Modelspace, or both. When you save data to modelspace, only countour geometry is saved at a one-to-one scale. When you save data to paperspace, all drawing data is saved as a layout with dimesnions that match the size of the sheet in Autodesk Inventor.

STEP import now imports surface data.

When playing an animation of an exploded view with the dialog box expanded, each step highlights as it is played.

Import and Export of Mechanical Desktop files now supports color, thread data, and combine features.

All the tool icons remain the same (at least so far as I can tell)

The big difference is supposed to be under the hood as Autodesk has opened up the API for those engineers who like to customize their software.

Autodesk is now selling Inventor as a package with MDT. Check with your local reseller about what deals are available.

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